4 Practice Areas

4 Practice Areas:

  1. Virtual or Part Time Corporate Counsel
  2. Commercial and Transactions
  3. General Corporate
  4. Information Technology, Privacy and Digital Sales and Marketing

Virtual or Part Time Corporate Counsel

The way in which I provide part time or virtual corporate counsel services is to a large extent based upon the way in which an in house counsel would provide services to a corporation, except the services are on a part-time basis.  Throw out your perceptions of the traditional legal services delivery model as practiced by the Bay Street firms and throw out as well the hourly rate billing model.  I have spent almost ten years of my career in-house and I firmly believe that an ‘in house’ lawyer can provide superior value added services and advice because he knows the business, its weaknesses and its strengths, as well as the industry in which operates. The advantages of this virtual general counsel approach to the delivery of legal services are follows:

  • Cost control – you know and  can budget for costs in advance and pay them regularly as opposed to all at once (and the costs will be less than retaining outside counsel);
  • Practicality of advice (I learn your business and industry and the advice is industry specific);
  • Creativity of solutions – practical, business oriented advice based on a knowledge of your  needs, your business and industry
  • Speed of delivery – no need for me to get ‘up to speed’ on the intricacies of your business or industry;
I can provide General Counsel services with regular trips to your offices in the GTA so that I can learn about your business and your industry as well as work with your staff as part of your management team. As part of that management team, I will work to efficiently manage legal risks, direct any outside counsel services and litigation, and perform as many of the following functions as you instruct such as:
  • Basic corporate services – minute book updates, Articles of amendments, share issues;
  • Advising on business and legal risk – risk management and insurance;
  • Advising HR on employment matters – (could include everything from drafting    employment or independent contractor agreements to advising on ways to terminate employees) ;
  • Review of standard commercial agreements and supplier contracts;
  • Negotiating key agreements/drafting key agreements (domestic and international);
  • Regulatory compliance; and
  • Other services that are identified and agreed upon.
  • Billing is based on a negotiated fee structure and is usually monthly.  The aim is to set up a retainer system that provides your company with a block of service days per month.  Some months you will use more than your allotment, other months less ; processes will be in place to ensure that it all balances out in the end.

*This service may not be available at all times because in order to provide an appropriate and effective level of service, I have to limit the number of part-time General Counsel clients to between 2-3 or fewer, depending on size, location of client and the extent of services required. Services are likely limited to corporations with offices in the G.T.A. or surrounding areas.

Commercial and Transactions:

  1. Negotiation and drafting of business contract
  2. Purchase and sale of a business (asset or share sale);
  3. Distribution and agency agreements;
  4. Joint venture and strategic alliance agreements;
  5. Commercial leasing
  6. Financings
  7. Contract management
General Corporate Commercial:
  1. Business formation (corporate, sole proprietorship, partnership)
  2. Shareholder agreements, partnership agreements
  3. Growth and Financing and restructuring
Technology Law (software and services):
  • Software and technology licensing
  • CPA Networks
  • SMS Premium Content
  • Web site development
  • Software as a service (ASP) – the ‘cloud’
  • Mobile
  • Outsourcing agreements
  • Website terms of use
  • Privacy policies (web, corporate and employee)
  • Privacy complaince
  • coregistration Paths